Q1: What materials were used to make these items?
  "Often you'll find the material which a product is made of mentioned in the title or the description of that particular item.  We always strive to give a detailed description of our items.  We have many items of different materials, prices and quality.
Q2: Do you have a store location or a storeroom I can visit?
   "We are a web only  wholesale store.  We don't have a physical store location  where you can visit to take a look at our collection".
Q3: What color is this product?
    "We try to ensure our product images match the true colors of our items to the best of our abilities. Sometimes a color might seem different on the screen then it does on the  package; this can be caused by the visual effects of your screen".
Q4: Can items be purchased  separately?
  "Yes. All items are listed individually in the store. For example, a pair of earrings can be purchased separately from a necklace."
Q5: Are some designs available in different colors 
   "We always try to use colors that are seasonally trending and find neutral colors to match every occasion whenever possible."
Q6: What materials are used to make the earring hooks?
  "Our earring hooks are Hypo-allergenic, rust free French ear wires, sterling silver and stainless steel. The rubber stoppers are non-toxic and safe for the skin."